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About Us

MedRo is simply a Paperless Hospital Information system. We analysed mistakes and pit- falls of other software systems and tried to understand their failure. We found that mediocrity and cumbersome nature of other systems led to a low adoption rate. Everyone wants things to be simple, clean and intuitive. Doctors, who have spent almost a decade learning medicine, feel hurdled and restricted by redundant technology.

The prime goal for us was to reduce the time taken by the doctor to effortlessly digitise his findings and relieve more time to spend with the patient. So the quest for a doctor-centric and patient-friendly solution to a healthcare problem began. We did not re-invent the wheel here. We just made things better and smarter. MedRo was born out of this. It just works. Learning curve is virtually zero. Even a person with negligible knowledge in technology would easily understand the workings of MedRo. Patient data is encrypted and saved in the cloud. Updates are done in the background. The doctor do what they do best, they treat and the patient leaves the hospital with just one piece of bill and an advice sheet.‘Paperless’ for the doctor and patient is our motto. Cloud integrated, paperless, encrypted, web based, uni-bill with simple and elegant user interface and a zero learning curve solution to a centralised hospital information system. We give you, MedRo.

Great Support

We try extremely hard to provide a fast and excellent support. You'll have a reply within 1 hour.

Made with Love

A lot of time has gone into designing the software and we hope that you love them as much as we do.

Easy Setup

MedRo is very simple to set up. Within 24 hours your hospital will be smarter than ever before.



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