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Welcome to MedRo

We at MedRollers assessed why healthcare industry trails behind in every aspect of technology. There was no integration between machine and man. And in areas where man has digitised it, the workflow is too cumbersome and acceptance level is minimal, if not negligible. We as doctors and patients, in the process of a haphazard digitisation, lost the most important thing in our life... TIME. So we asked ourselves, "What can be done?"

The answer was simple. We designed MedRo from scratch. We did not upgrade the existing system of administration of hospitals. We re-invented it. Age-old policies and practices cannot keep up with the current advancements in technology. We jotted down questions and answered them one by one. That's the story behind MedRo. We made healthcare simple, elegant, beautiful, easy to work with and above all, saved precious time, time which can be spent caring for the patient....time spent with family. After all, why else do we work so hard... Don't you think?

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A True Paperless Hospital Information System

Great Design

User-Interface (UI) is in our DNA. You can visualise and experience it throughout the site. Minimalist and un-cluttered. We love it and you will fall for it too.

Perfect Coding

Erroneous codes make up a crappy user experience. We have written the codes with the latest guidelines. No more malfunction. We update as the web upgrades.


Nowadays, doctors use softwares with local backups which crash frequently and results in loss of data. We use multiple, encrypted backups in the cloud.

'Uni' Concept

With Uni-Bills & Uni-Charts, be a part of the true paperless experience. Years of data in a single page for the doctor & an optional bill for the patient

Paperless Technology

We harnessed the power of SMS, Cloud & other digital services to provide a True Paperless experience for both doctors and patients


We are available always. Unlike other corporate houses where one never knows who to call, we are in need of friends. And for us friends always come first.

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MedRo Process

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1. Patient Registration

2. Uni-Billing

3. Meet the Doctor

4. Go back to Billing

5. Medicine & Tests

Meet Our Team

Creative Nerds

Crazy guy. Has a million ideas bubbling inside him. MedRo is his first venture, his dream of bringing healthcare and technology together. Coffee lover and computer addict. Loves to travel and to read....a lot. Learns something everyday. Voracious foodie.

Roland Manoj
CEO & Founder

An apt sister to a crazy brother. Keep him in check throughout his wild endeavours. I'm a doctor by profession and a tech-addict by passion. Loves shopping and travelling.

Rachel Grace
COO & Co-Founder

Having a masters in marketing did not deter him from exploring this world and what it has to offer. Hates a desk-job. Loves travelling, avid biker, movie junkie and coffee lover.

Jeno K Das
Chief Marketing Officer

Loving mother, passionate coder. Loves to work alone and travel. Learnt a lot from mistakes and lives by it. Crazy about cooking and an avid foodie.

Chief Software Architect

He is your day-dreamer, the most friendly person you'll ever meet. Mesmersing flutist, loves to try different dishes especially non-veg. Fun to be around him.

Application Developer

He is your traditional & cultural person, very grounded, enthusiastic and skillful. Apart from coding and designing, deeply interested in music (learning classical violin)

Web Designer

About Us

We started as small group back in 2014. With just an idea in hand, we built MedRo from ground up

It has been quite a journey. We did not want MedRo to be another white board idea or just prototype. We wanted a finished product. We bootstrapped and we carried on. And now, we don't just have an idea on a paper. We have a fully functional, MedRo.

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